PRECITEX brings to you world - class cots for spinning quality yarn that meets the most stringent global standards. PRECITEX Alucore cots, manufactured for the first time in India, give you the technological edge enjoyed by quality conscious spinners all over the world. The strength of PRECITEX Alucore cot lies in its Aluminum core which bears all the mounting stresses thus leaving the cot compound free from pre-tension.

PRECITEX Alucore cot can be instantly mounted and buffed. It eliminates the use of adhesive and the fuss and mess of the mounting process. It also saves on valuable man hours, cost of adhesive and setting time.


Salient features

PRECITEX Alucore cots fit the rollers tension free which reduces the chances of splitting even if the cot is damaged due to cuts.

Tension free cot results in smoother buffed surface.Minimizes flute marks during machine idle hours.

PRECITEX Alucore cots are available in "Preground" condition offering the benefit of minimal grinding after mounting.